African Community Forum

The forum brings together various leaders of African community associations to strengthen relationships, build capacity, and share information and resources to address needs .  

In 2020, Priority Africa Network conducted outreach to African communities in seven Bay Area counties in providing information on Census 2020, on voter mobilizations and civic education, on COVID-19 related information resources as well as the Habesha Tutoring Project, launched to support Black migrant communities challenged with remote learning.


PAN held its first forum in 2006, gathering leaders from Black/African immigrant groups in the Bay Area, where about 10% of the foreign-born population are Black.  Identifying both as Black and immigrant or refugee, we confront a range of social, economic, and political challenges, some not unsimilar to those faced by African Americans and other immigrant communities.   As the population of Africans continues to grow nationally and regionally, so does the need to create more strategic collaborations that empower and build capacities of organizations serve them. The forum provides a platform to create these vital connections.


Black/African Community Forum participants frequently cover topics in the areas of health, housing, employment, immigration and legal services, and civic engagement. 


African Diaspora Dialogues:

Raising PanAfrican Consciousness and Building Transnational Alliances


These Dialogues strengthen ties between new Black immigrants and African Americans, addressing complex expressions of Black identity, culture, and race. These facilitated discussions have enabled many groups (students, faith communities and organizations) to transform divisions arising from negative personal experiences to understanding common history leading to forging political unity.   

For more information, visit the African Diaspora Dialogues website.

KPFA Interview with Gerald Lenoir & Nunu Kidane on
Upfront with host Jeannine Etter
, February 7, 2020


Read here Vibe Magazine Article, April 8, 2020 by Jeannine Etter

"African Diaspora Dialogues. The Journey to “one Love.”

Speakers' Series


The PAN Speakers Series brings leading African voices in social justice and the arts to Bay Area audiences. Together we learn, share, and advance the progressive agenda on contemporary Africa and its diaspora. Speakers inspire and invigorate our communities with discussions about resilience, ingenuity, technology, creativity, and an Africa of hope.


Past speakers include:Coumba Toure, head of Ashoka Africa (Mali) now with Africans Rising for Justice, Peace & Dignity

Mazibuko Jara with Amandla (South Africa)

Dr. Stephen Small, author of 20 Questions and Answers About Black Europe


PAN’s signature annual fundraising gala and community celebration brings together community members and supporters, ally organizations, funders and cultural workers to celebrate the African Diaspora in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Speakers and honorees inspire, share their work, and call communities to action while sharing food, music, and our human inter-connectedness. 
View photos of Ubuntu 2016


Ubuntu: ’I am because you are.’ – as translated by Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Partnerships and Collaborations
PAN partners with organizations and forums that promote
progressive policy change to safeguard the rights and well-being of the peoples of Africa and the African Diaspora. 
Partners include:










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