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African Diaspora Dialogues

Raising PanAfrican Consciousness and Building Transnational Alliances

Curated community discussions to strengthen relations between Black immigrant and African Americans, addressing complex expressions of Black identity, culture, and race. The dialogues create space to decolonize minds and confront historic distortions, forge relations and build community alliances based on common history and connections.


The following resources provide a deeper understanding of the ADDs
KPFA Interview with Gerald Lenoir & Nunu Kidane on Upfront with host Jeannine Etter

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African Communities Forum

The Bay Area’s population of Black migrants has increased significantly over the past two decades.  The majority are African immigrants organized in clusters of social, faith, professional and cultural associations.  Despite growing numbers, Black immigrants as a whole remain unseen and unintegrated into mainstream institutions and have fraught relations with African American communities.


PAN’s unique approach and response to this has been to mobilize existing community associations of diverse Black migrants by targeting leaders.  While other immigrant-serving organizations use service provision and immigration legal support, PAN, makes impact through collective mobilizations of large sectors of Black immigrant communities.  Through ACF, we host regular forums that convene key individuals to address issues of mutual concern.  It is a critical space for relationship building and strengthening our collective identity.  


To ensure the inclusion of all groups, PAN does make a value judgment of whether groups are formed on the basis of national or ethnic identity. We respect and meet groups where they are , without prescribing projections of who they should be or how they should conduct their work.  Using a broad Pan-Africanist lens and working for long term changes, PAN offers groups opportunities to build capacity, strengthen structures and leadership to ensure their self-sustenance and longevity.

“The duality of our lives
on the nexus of race and immigration”

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Current Projects We are Working on

African Diaspora Dialogues

African Diaspora Dialogue.jpeg

Situating Black Immigration in the Bay Area's Struggle for Racial Justice

Inclusion & Belonging of Black Immigrant Faith Congregations

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Exploring lack of contemporary data and analysis on the full lived experiences and presence if African women/femme in the US

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This work addresses the need to build capacity and leadership of Black immigrant youth whose experiences are not neatly held within a single narrative African American framework setting out to include distinctly different lived experiences and identities of Black immigrant youth

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