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African Community Forum

Population of Black migrants has increased significantly over the past two decades, but the majority remain virtually invisible and not included into mainstream institutions.    PAN mobilizes diverse communities of Black/African migrants through regular forums, bridging the critical gap on issues that impact their lives in the US and their home countries.

The Habesha Tutoring is a sub-project supported by PAN.  This initiative is incubated by PAN but operated by an independent Taskforce. For more information, email us at or

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African Diaspora Dialogues:

Raising PanAfrican Consciousness and Building Transnational Alliances

Curated discussions that strengthen relations between Black immigrant and African American communities, addressing complex expressions of Black identity, culture, and race. Nationally, Black migrants are approximately 20% of African American population.  The dialogues create space to forge relations and build solid alliances based on mutual interest.

KPFA Interview with Gerald Lenoir & Nunu Kidane on
Upfront with host Jeannine Etter
, February 7, 2020


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"African Diaspora Dialogues. The Journey to “one Love.”


PAN’s signature annual gala brings together individuals and organizations from political and culture spheres to recognize and celebrate the power and beauty of Africa.  It is a social celebration of enjoyment that conveys inspirational messages from keynote speakers.  The 2021 Ubuntu is scheduled for November, updates will be sent.

Ubuntu is an African spiritual practice that means “I am because you are,” conveying message of human compassion for mutual survival