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Supporting Black Migrant Children with

Remote Learning Challenges

In September, PAN partnered with handful of Eritrean activists to start the
Habesha Children's Tutoring Project. 

The project has shown remarkable success in recruiting nearly 40 dedicated volunteer tutors who are matched with nearly 100 families! 

PAN is providing administrative and logistical support to expand this project to other Black migrant communities whose children are impacted by remote learning challenges.  

We invite you to learn more and join this efforts to expand it in your community.

To support this project financially, please donate to PAN with a note of designating to

"Habesha Children's Tutoring Project."

For tax deducted donations, please make your checks to our fiscal sponsor:

National Network for Immigrant & Refugee Rights (NNIRR)

or donate online with note of project name.


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