In April 2003 a group of San Francisco Bay Area individuals and organizations founded Priority Africa Network (PAN) to advocate for African concerns in the US. Learn more.



Mission and Vision

Priority Africa Network informs and mobilizes people of African descent and their allies in the United States in support of the peoples of Africa and the African Diaspora for sustained peace and democracy as well as economic, political, racial, gender and social justice. Learn more.




Values and Principles

We believe all people regardless of race, sex, gender, gender identification, religion, ethnicity, nationality, creed, sexual orientation, age or ability, are equal and deserve equal chances in life. Learn more.



African Diaspora Dialogues

African Community Forums

Ubuntu Awards Dinner

Learn more.





P.O.Box 2528, Berkeley CA 94702

Tel (510 955 7544

Email: info[at]priorityafrica[dot]org