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Bay Area's First
Black, Caribbean, African Food Outlet Directory

PAN is thrilled to share this first directory of Bay Area Black-owned and operated restaurants and food outlets........Read more........


The following articles are by Nunu Kidane, Executive Director of Priority Africa Network &

Gerald Lenoir, PAN founder/board member and currently Political Strategy Analyst at Othering & Belonging Institute at UC Berkeley.

For links to more writings by Gerald Lenoir, visit this page

Interview with Nunu Kidane & Gerald Lenoir 

June 2020, Critical Ethnic Studies Association

African Diaspora Dialogues: The Journey To “One Love”
Vibe Magazine interview by Jeannine Etter with

Nunu Kidane & Gerald Lenoir 

April 2020

African Diaspora Dialogues: A discussion About African American and African immigrant Relations 

KPFA Radio Interview February 2020

Stepping back from sensationalist stories on African migration

Nunu Kidane. May 2017

African Americans and Immigrants: Shall We Hang Together or Hang Separately? Gerald Lenoir & Nunu Kidane 

The Black Scholar, 2015

African Immigrants and Refugees in Europe:

A PAN and BAJI Investigation

Nunu Kidane & Gerald Lenoir, Italy 2009 Blog

Africans in America, Nunu Kidane

Crisis Magazine