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The Bay Area Community Held a Special Tribute to
Nelson Mandela

Photos by William H. Jones Jr.            

Quotes from our community:

"Thanks so much for turning PAN's Christmas party into a celebration of the life of Nelson Mandela. I was thrilled that folks who knew Mandela up close and personal, and who worked directly in the movement against apartheid, were there to share part of their story. I'd like to learn more, hear more, especially about the analytical aspects of the ANC's multi-pronged, strategy. I am also interested in discussing the next and/or renewed focus of activity for spotlight and activism. South Africa still needs a lot of help. But, you could say the same for many African countries. Please keep me posted. Wonderful turn out today. Was overjoyed to be part of the group. Thanks again. Blessings and Peace"
Barbara J. Fuller  - 12/21/2013

Wow! I wish there were a recording of Saturday's event! There was so much information about the history of the struggle against South Africa Apartheid!! I didn't know a lot of that! Incredible to have such amazing activists in the struggle speaking there! I enjoyed becoming acquainted with and talking with several people there! not to mention the incredible food!
Diana Bohn 12/23/2013

With Sincere thanks and appreication !
The PAN Board
Nunu Kidane, Walter Turner, Muadi Mukenge, Derethia DuVal, Cornelius Moore, Rev. Kelvin Sauls, Gerald Lenoir

Ubuntu Awards Photos by A.J Feutaro