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Monthly Sustainer Support

Sunday, July 27th​
2:00 pm

At the end of July, Gerald Lenoir will step down as Co-Director of the Black Alliance for Just Immigration and BAJI Co-Director Opal Tometi will become the Executive Director. Gerald is the founding Executive Director of BAJI and led the organization for eight years. His leadership has inspired the social justice movement and has brought BAJI to a new level of influence. Opal is a new generation of leadership. She has invigorated the work of BAJI and has brought novel ideas, new energy and new ways of organizing. Join for an afternoon of food, friendship and fun cosponsored by Everett and Jones Barbeque.

Tickets are $35 (general) & $15 (student/low income). Buy here.

All proceeds will benefit BAJI's work to stop mass incarceration and mass detention, to fight for the reunification of Haitian families and to support economic justice and workers' rights.

Wednesday, July 16
7:00 pm
Saturday, July 19th @ 11:00 pm

Matatu Film Festival 2014
Buy tickets 

Opening Night at Matatu Film Festival features a talk with FRED BLACKWELL, San Francisco Foundation CEO; and ANGELA GLOVER BLACKWELL, Founder/CEO of PolicyLink. We open the festival with THE GREAT FLOOD, a follow up to our Brooklyn and Oakland Reconstructed series’ concerning displacement and gentrification. Mr. Blackwell recently resigned as City of Oakland City Administrator to become CEO of San Francisco’s largest philanthropic organization

The Great Flood: the Philanthropists Wealth, Mobility, & Technologywith Fred Blackwell & Angela Glover Blackwell

Swim, Bike, Run or Walk for Congo!
August 15 - Lake Tahoe
August 23, Lake Merritt, Oakland

Last summer, CongoSwim participants and donors made it possible for five women and youth-led groups in the DR Congo to receive grants.  Please check out our Who We Support page to learn more about the work the groups are doing for lasting peace and a future free of violence against women and children.  

Continue your support this summer by doing at least one of the following:

1.Register a summer activity - CongoSwim has expanded beyond swimming and participants are even dedicating their summer-long fitness goals and BBQs with friends
2.Make a tax-deductible donation
3.Encourage a child to participate by sharing the FOR KIDS page 
4.Join the August 15 Lake Tahoe Relay (youngest swimmer is 8 and oldest is over 70!)
5.Sign-up for the August 23 CongoSwim Lake Merritt Walk 

Check out the FB page for ongoing updates


Saturday, July 19
10:00 am to 1:00 pm
Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI) and Priority Africa Network invite you to the African Community of the Bay Area forum 
“Strengthening Our Kinship Ties”

The population size of the Africa-born is growing in the Bay Area. There are evident signs all around us, at workplace, on school campuses and in the businesses we see all around. The diverse “African” community are organized around ethnic/national clusters and not “visible” in social and civic activities that represent our interests.  

We invite you to join us to hear a briefing on this topic, and to explore ways for us to host a series of regular meetings over the coming year to discuss: What are the needs of the African community in the Bay Area? Who is serving this community (and who is not)? What are the inter-generational differences and needs in the communities. Relations with African Americans and much more.

We invite you to join us and share what you are hearing and experiencing in your family, community, work and social life?

This forum is for the Africa-born only, or children who are direct decedents of parents who are Africa born. It especially encourages young people who are in the “in-between” the identity cusp.
The program will include material, food and conversations as well as resources on the following
-On immigration, legal and policy matters, plus facts and stats of where we as the Africans stand
-On affordable health care and insurance
-Relations with African Americans – myth and reality about race
This forum is open only to individuals who want to contribute meaningful and substantive discourse for the collective good. In our effort to maintain confidentiality, we ask that each person RSVP ahead of time to received details on venue and agenda.

RSVP a must – please email: info@priorityafrica.org  
for venue and other details or call BAJI at Tel: 510 663 2254

BAJI and PAN are well known and respected in the Bay Area for their work with race, immigration and social justice. For more information, visit the websites to learn more, or call 510 663 2264 for more information.